I make nonobjective paintings of the stuff that’s inside and outside of a person. Abstracted guts, thoughts, clothes, and furniture indirectly reference the body, the mind, and the figure. I call this work “abstract psychedelic” in reference to the absence of recognizable imagery (abstract) and the subjectivity of perception (psychedelic). Perception interests me because it is a process that engages both the body and the mind.

CURRENT WORK (2019 – 2020)
I’m currently exploring the abstracted figure in my work. The new work is solid and physical: I’m folding and sewing my paintings into rolls and pockets, building shaped canvases, and experimenting with assemblages.

HARUSPICY SERIES (2018  – 2019)
Haruspicy is the ancient Roman divination practice of studying the entrails of animals that have been sacrificed. Inspired by haruspicy, I created a system for making self-reflective cut paper pieces in gouache and watercolor and made one haruspicy piece every day for several months as a kind of diary, a daily examination of my “entrails.”

SHELL SERIES (2017 – 2019)
Hold a seashell to your ear and you will hear a soft drone reminiscent of the ocean. But it’s not the ocean; it’s ambience from the surrounding environment combined with sounds coming from your body. This wash of noise resonates in the chamber of the shell, uniquely filtered by its shape. The vibrations hit your eardrum, compelling you to think of the sound of waves. I explore seashell resonance in my Shell Series of shaped canvases: irregular shapes in vivid colors, muted colors, and areas of white and unprimed canvas are all interchangeable as negative and positive space. I invite the viewer to imagine which elements in each Shell Series work represent body, shell, and ocean.